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About 'Tikarboi'

Vaccination is a valuable public health tool for treating and preventing immune-preventable illnesses. It teaches us how to avoid risky situations and live a healthy life. In addition, immunization is critical for saving lives. The goal of this system is to create an intelligent application to evaluate the needs of parents and to address difficulties that emerge throughout the vaccination process. 'Tikarboi' is a digital platform where you can store and manage all of your vaccination reports and share them with your doctor easily.

Record every vaccination details

  • Records starting from baby care vaccination (Birth to 18 years).
  • Records of adult’s vaccination (19 years and older).
  • Medical reports like blood test, x-ray, ECG, CT Scan etc.
  • Pregnancy vaccination & Ultrasonogram results.
  • Travelers Vaccination status.

QR code - scan anywhere, anytime

  • Automatic QR code generator.
  • Patients' health data from Tikarboi.
  • Scan the QR code.
  • See your total vaccination summary.
  • See your total vaccination summary.
  • You can scan QR code from anywhere at any time and there will be no complication.

Travel freely around the world

  • Get registered with our system
  • The authority will get an update of your information
  • Now you can freely enjoy your travel around the world
  • Save the COVID-19 vaccination report

Share with your doctor and medical consultant

  • The doctors and healthcare providers can get access to your organized previous health records and treat you accordingly which will solve the problems of mistreatment due to information shortage. You can also reach out to our registered medical professionals by booking a reservation to get instant quality healthcare services.

Monitor your health & disease

  • As you provide all the health records while registering with our system you can check your blood pressure, weight, blood sugar, energy level, oxygen level, BMI etc. at a glance to evaluate your health status. You can also maintain a healthy diet by tracking your nutritional intake on a daily basis. Moreover, you can find amazing contents on exercise & medication which would be uploaded daily in our blogging segment.
  • Area and location wise monitoring.
  • Personal vaccination details.
  • Personal medical test details.

Find your nearest hospital, clinic, vaccination point

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